Saturday, March 10, 2007

Good Day to Die?

Headlines tell us Brad Delp, the lead singer of Boston, died yesterday. He was 55.

Looking for things to jog my memories, I've been reading my hometown newspaper on line lately, including the obits. I'm shocked at how many people die in their 50s.

A dear friend is critically—some doctors say terminally—ill. We were born in the same year: 1954.

It was 65 degrees and sunny here yesterday, I put Paula's top down on the drive back from the multi-million dollar mansion. Stopped at Costco and bought a rose tree and a big carton of fresh blackberries. Stopped at Barb's house and we sat on her deck in the sunshine. We ate every damn one of those blackberries over thick Greek yogurt flavored with real vanilla and stevia. Swung into a garden store and bought a Buddha's Hand Citron tree, an enormous pot of lavendar, and a gardenia. Came home and repotted several of them.

All afternoon, I was filled with gratitude for life, for my life. For its real and sometimes messy details. For sunshine and friendship and the smells of growing things. For my beautiful little house and all the real things in it.

Talked to my son while walking through the greenhouse. He agreed to think about moving here. That's all I asked, just that he honestly consider it.

Not inviting death, but I am acknowledging it's time—way past time—to begin making every day a good day to die. It's the only way to fully live.

Got to go. Sooooo many wonderful things to do today. Just in case.


Mystic Wing said...

Thanks for the reminder to live in the moment. That's really all there is, anyway, I guess.

Beautiful sentiment, beautifully written.

Suzy said...

As a wise old friend once said to me, "It's time to fish or cut bait."

It's interesting that when we reach a certain age, these thoughts come barelling down.

Great post Jerri, as always.

Suzy said...

I got the stupid quote wrong-
"It's time to cut bait or fish."

Deb said...

Actually Suze, I think you were right the first time. Dearest Jerri, you've made me want to go buy every green and fragrant thing I can find and fill my yard with life. I am loving your pictures. Loving you and your words as well.

kario said...

Are we going fishing? Can I come?

The photo of your citrus blooms was breathtaking, Jerri! And your gratefulness for the things in your life is inspiring. Thanks for the comment on my comments. It's nice to know that they are meaningful. You guys are terrific and I am so, so lucky to have met such an awesome circle of fisherwomen!

Stacy said...

I thought cut bait was fish?
Thank you for this beautiful post. I am too reaching the point where I find my address book has many names crossed out in a single line so I don't forget them. Fully live, livefully.

Prema said...

How about: Gone Fishin'

Lovely, lovely. Isn't that what's it about? To wake up in this life.

Kim said...

Beautiful post, beautiful photos. It's a great motto to live by, and this is a wonderful reminder.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Let's forget about fishing already, and shit or get off the pot!

Go Mama said...

Gratitude and abundance...they go hand in creating a full life. And, such fragrant, abundant choices you made....lavendar, gardenia, citrus...and blackberries and thick cream. Was it Fage? Yum!