Saturday, January 08, 2011

A Herd of Snowmen

Mom and I cook at a homeless shelter the first Monday of every month. It's easily the best day of the month. I love hanging out with these terrific folks having big fun doing good work.

Mom and I have gotten into the habit of making special treats for the children. This time, we made cupcakes and marshmallow snowmen with Fruit Roll-up scarves and gumdrop hats. Making six dozen of them took almost seven hours, but the kids' reaction was worth every single second.

And when I downloaded the snowman pics, I found this one. I'd forgotten taking it, but how great is the look on T's face?


Amber said...

These are delightful. I know you and your mom really add some smiles to the lives of those kids.


Carrie Link said...

Pretty much the best look ever! DARLING snowmen, too! Love that you and your mom do that!

Deb Shucka said...

Looks of awe, however triggered, are gifts from God. I love that you and your mom were the instruments of awe for all those kids. Those cupcakes are amazing.

Can't believe how big T is already, and how very adorable. said...

Your treats are gorgeous! And T? SOOOOO PRECIOUS.

Love it.