Friday, January 01, 2010


Last night I watched the moon rise over the pond with a sense of wonder. The deep blue light of a full moon on snow gave the landscape an eery glow. The shadows looked deep enough to fall into like Alice's rabbit hole. My back yard looked unreal, like a place hopes and dreams might come to life and dance.

01 01 10

A new year. A new decade. A blank page.

Today's date may be binary, but I hope to move past off/on, black/white thinking. It's one of my weaknesses, the feeling that things are right or wrong, possible exactly as I imagine or not possible at all. I'd like this to be the year of "This and...."

This year, I resolve to...

go to Oregon for my birthday in May;
work less;
donate things I don't need or use;
keep my spaces (mental and physical) clear;
treat myself to good health;
speak my truth kindly;
ask for what I need;
accept help that's offered;
offer help to others but not at my own expense;
find a church or meditation center where I feel at home;
go to a cultural event at least once a month;
read poetry;
worry less;
laugh, sing, dance, enjoy.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I love resolution #!!

Deb Shucka said...

I love this list, most especially the first and last - for selfish reasons. :-) Love you. said...

Love your list Jerri. And love your gorgeous description of the moon.

Amber said...

Very, very nice list. You only forgot, "Go to Northern California and visit Amber".


Odd Chick said...

i loved the sharing of your goals and your beautiful refections

Jess said...

Love that. Yeah, especially the first one!!

kario said...

Happy New Year! May January be a beautiful beginning of a tremendous time for you.


Amber said...

I was just thinking about you, and talking about you to Kory. Telling him how sweet and wonderful you are. You know.

oxox :)