Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hair Raising

Cutting off my hair changed my life.

No, really.

I'd been struggling for many months: depressed, overweight, working too many hours, feeling terrible nearly every day. Every day started with a battle with my hair. I've let it go gray and every day I revisited that decision. Several times. Along with the color, the texture and bounce left my hair. Every morning I washed it, filled it with mousse and gel before blowing it dry and setting it with Velcro rollers. Then I'd add hair spray and touch up flat spots with a flat iron. Finally, wax and more hair spray.

Within minutes it was completely limp. Completely.

On June 21, I came home from somewhere and walked into my bathroom to brush my teeth. When I caught sight of myself in the mirror, I knew something simply HAD to change.

By noon the next day, I was in a chair, explaining my dilemma to a guy who nodded sagely, lifted pieces of hair and watched them fall, and put a new blade in his razor cutter.

Then he hacked my shoulder length hair to about 2 inches long all over my head. My hair is now fringy and spiky and a little edgy, something I've wanted since the day I met the irrepressible Deb in Portland a couple years ago. I've never been brave enough to risk it. Then I hit the wall and knew that even if it didn't work, it would be better than what I had going on.

It worked.

For days, every time I got near a mirror, I marveled at having cute hair. I put on make up, even to stay home and work. I bought a new outfit.

Four or five days after the hair cut, I took my bicycle to the shop for a tune up. I rode 5 miles the day I got the bike back. Since late June, I have ridden every day--as much as 15 miles at a time. In every way you can think of, I feel better than I have in years.

I've lost weight and gained perspective. My dad's still sick. Several dear friends and loved ones are still facing health challenges. Publishing is still in a tailspin and making a living as a writer and editor is still tough. BUT I feel more capable of facing each day. I"m stronger physically and mentally. I'm happier. When I wake up in the morning, my muscles throb in a it's-good-to-be-alive way.

It is. Good to be alive, I mean.

Especially when you've got cute hair.


Deb Shucka said...

This made me so happy to read! For you and for me. Now, when are you coming back so we can be cute and edgy and adventurous together?

Carrie Wilson Link said...

ESPECIALLY when you've got cute hair! I LOVE Deb's hair and bet you look DARLING! Pictures, please!

Go Mama said...

So cool, J. Gotta see a pic now.

Full Soul Ahead! said...

So happy for you and I DEMAND pictures.

BONNIE K said...

I agree: post pictures! Isn't it amazing what something as simple as a hair cut can do to your attitude?

kario said...

I read yesterday that the reason our hair goes grey is that the decreased melatonin we produce is replaced by air bubbles. NO wonder that hair wants to be short. The length holds it down! Air bubbles, prevail!

Love you!

Amber said...

1) Can't we seeeeee?? Post a picture! Pleeeease??

2) Cute, sassy hair make EVERYthing in life feel better. Really. I mean it. Call me shallow. I speak the truth.


George said...

It's the bicycle riding that did the you get "helmet hair?"

Doubting Thomas said...

Yeah, me too. Jerri with punk hair is something I GOT to see. If not here, then by email?

Tzeitel (Stacy) said...

you want to feel something even more amazing get a buzz, although your friends and family, if they are like mine, will protest.
Seriously a good haircut is better than a lobotomy. I would love to see it too.

Nancy said... you've got me thinking. Perhaps new hair & my new bike could spring board me into a new me too! and ditto on the 'post pictures' requests.

luckyzmom said...

Cute hair makes all the difference!

riversgrace said...

WOW, awesome. Incredible. You're so inspiring. Need to see a pic!!!