Monday, June 08, 2009

My Life in Ruins

Went to see My Life in Ruins on Friday. Loved it. LOVED it.

It's a simple, good natured tale. I'll bet critics label it predictable. But that's okay. Like the main character, I have lost my keffe and want to believe I can find it again. Watching Georgia find hers made me happy.

I've never done a bus tour like that, but I've done several hiking and biking tours and it's always gone like the movie: a mess, a problem, people you're not crazy about until you get to know them.... Something crazy or dangerous happens and the dynamic changes in an instant. Before you know it, you're smearing blue pore-refining mask on your faces and performing African tribal dances in hotel hallways (my experience, not the movie's).

Here's what I love about Nia Vardales: She's a never-so-die kind of girl. No one writes parts she's right for, so she writes 'em for herself. After a 10 year struggle with infertility, she adopts a toddler from the foster care system and becomes an advocate for waiting children. No one's green lighting movies for and about women, but she finds a way (with the help of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson).

In the movie, Richard Dreyfuss's character tells Georgia she's seeing the obstacles instead of the magic. It's a valid point.

Both are always present. Why not see the magic?


Michelle O'Neil said...


And God bless the Hanks/Wilson team.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Ditto M O'N

Amber said...

Thank you for this, because I want to see it so much! I love that lady. It sounds JUSt the kinda movie I need.


Mercurious said...

Good recommendation.

And I can heartily suggest you avoid "The Hangover."

We've decided we're simply too old for what now passes for mainstream comedy.

Deb Shucka said...

Looking forward to seeing this movie. Love Nia and the stories she tells. Happy she reminded you of the adventuress you are.