Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Better All the Time

Evan and I went for a walk on Mother's Day. He brought me a card and everything. (This walking thing is catching on with him. Yesterday he called to ask if I'd like to go again today if it doesn't rain.)

Katie sent a Mother's Day card that knocked me out. The printed message was about how mothers and daughters are each other's best friends. Forever. Nothing can change that. The note she wrote used words like "courage" and "selflessness." Adult words. Adult thoughts. 

Having babies and young children was one of the great adventures of my life. Having adult children turns out to be just as great. In some ways, better. No Cheerios in my hair and no one cries at the door when I take a shower. 


Tzeitel said...

Or spits up chocolate chip cookies on your white blouse while in public. . .
I agree with you, these young adults are every bit as precious as when they were small. Love it.

Deb Shucka said...

So glad you're enjoying the fruits of all the seeds of love you've sown over the years. I hope you are overflowing with your children's affection for you.

Amber said...

This is wonderful. It makes me a little less sad how fast mine are growing up... ;) (I hope they still like me).


kario said...

Imagining your walks with Evan feels healing to me. For both of you. I am so pleased he is initiating this and I hope it continues for a while.

Love you!