Friday, May 08, 2009

Cognitive Development

Edited a piece on cognitive development in infants yesterday. Had a good laugh over all the things I did right without knowing it. Just loving my babies. And I did (and do) love them so.

I remember...

Evan's weight on my hip as we walked outside, finding birds and trees and animals. After mama and dada, "Whazat?" "You right!" were his first words.

"What's that, Evan?"

"You're right! It's a robin."

"You're right! It's a daisy."

"You're right! It's a caterpillar."

The smell of the top of his head when we danced and sang together. Every word of every song on every album by Raffi and Sharon, Lois and Bram and Disney Kids. Sesame Street. "One of these things is not like the other...." Schoolhouse Rock. "Conjunction junction, what's your function?"

His weight in my lap and the warmth of him as we read Pat the Bunny and Good Night Moon and Green Eggs and Ham.

Again and again and again.

"Throw me the red ball."

"What does a cow say?"

"Which one is the star?"

You're right! You're the star.

Happy Birthday to you, my love. You were the greatest birthday gift I ever received.

"Little Evan came from Heaven one day. Little Evan came from Heaven one day. From Heaven came Evan, from Heaven came Evan. Little Evan came from Heaven one day."


mamatulip said...

Oh, Happy Birthday to him.

And Happy Birth Day to you, Mum.

kario said...

Those physical, visceral memories of raising babies are just the best! And I swear they hammer home to our kids just how much we love them. Hope Evan reads this and prints it out to read over and over again.


(no accidents - the word verification word I have to type in this morning is "bundles.")

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Little Evan from Heaven, awwwww...

Happy birthday to you both!

Doubting Thomas said...

Like Carrie said.


Amber said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday :)

luckyzmom said...

Happpy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

Deb Shucka said...

Happy Birthday and much love to you both.

Tzeitel said...

what a gift you are, happy birthday to both of you.