Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

My dreams have been incredibly vivid lately. Saturday night I dreamed Katie was pulled away from me by a tsunami. She was 6 in the dream, but Evan was his actual age. He told me he'd stay with me and help me until we found her, and the gratitude I felt to him was overwhelming. No one else would listen or help, but Evan did.

Last night I dreamed I took the kids to Target. (They were both 5 or 6, which is clearly impossible since they're 5 years apart, but whatever.) I got so involved in finding everything my parents needed that I started home without the kids, driving a golf cart. When I realized what I'd done, it felt like the Universe was conspiring against me getting back to the store to find them: terrible storms, the golf cart broke and so on. You know that feeling of running in molasses? It was like that--tremendous urgency inside and no movement outside.

Got to try Carrie's "part of me" interpretation on these dreams. Lord knows I've lost parts of myself in the last couple of years. Hmmm.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Sounds like it's time for a POM marathon!


Go Mama said...

I've got ideas on this one. POY is so busy looking after everyone else in your life: parents, kids, birth parents, business, church community, (sound familiar?) you are losing touch with the inner-child/creative spark POY. Serve your Self first. Take care of YOUR needs, your expression, your self-fulfillment, and then give from a place of wholeness, not obligation or have-to.

Takes one to know one. ;)

Sending you love and the permission to go after what you want. First.

Amber said...

Oh I hate those kinds of dreams!


Deb Shucka said...

Hmmmm, indeed. The POM thing can knock your socks off - in a good way. I hope you'll share what it says to you.

luckyzmom said...

I am often trying to find someone I love in my dreams. Go Mama's thoughts are hitting home a bit too hard. Will be pondering this for awhile.

daringtowrite said...

If these were my dreams, I'd be thinking that my responsible "masculine" adult self was becoming aware and concerned that I'm out of touch with my playful self, that in taking care of my responsibilities, I've left the fun behind and am afraid that I will never get back to it.

They aren't my dreams, though, and perhaps that has something to say about how seriously I take my responsiblities? Oh, oh!

You've got me thinking that I'd like to start keeping and interpreting a dream journal again. Thanks.

Tzeitel said...

Oh yes, and the tsunami I know well. These are powerful emotional upheavals (like Ms.N in the life now), all these responsibilities and heavy emotional stuff going on for you the past few years. . The POM is the definition of the noun in Carrie's formula? I have myself running through molasses with the (define noun) parts of myself?
I wonder often about the significance of the ages my sons appear in the dream.I always know- A is 4, W- 6, like that. Do you?
Oh, and look who is being steadfast and supportive- E! that's cool.