Saturday, January 17, 2009

Man on the Street

Went to see Last Chance Harvey last night. Pretty good escapism: tender, sad, funny by turn. Whoever did Dustin Hoffman's makeup should get 50 lashes with a wet noodle, though. His eyebrows were so heavily penciled or dyed they were all I could see in the early going.

Shortly after Harvey and Kate connect, he walks her to writing class. Coming out of the train station onto the street, he puts his hand on her back to guide her as he steps to the side nearest the street.

Thought and thought about how to describe my reaction to that tiny detail. Considered saying my stomach clenched, but the movement was more in my chest. Could say my heart skipped a beat, but it was more than that—kind of like a giant hand gripped my insides for a split second and let go. It physically hurt for that moment.

Can't tell you how hard I've fought letting a man take care of me in any meaningful way since the divorce, but I'm still charmed by one who gracefully puts himself between me and the cars on the street. Done right, it's an intimate dance step that tells me far more than words ever could.

I've had my share of romance (actually, my share and someone else's), but it's been 2 years since I've been on a date. When Harvey touched Kate's back, I felt it like pain in a phantom limb.

I don't know who or when or how in the world it will happen, but listen up, Universe: I want a man to protect me from puddles again before I die. Or get too old to walk down the street.


Terry said...

I got that same gut-clenching feeling during my divorce when I saw a couple on a motorcycle. The man reached back and patted his passenger's leg -- memory of that feeling stays with me even now.
Mary Chapin Carpenter also has a lyric in her song "Outside Looking In" that always struck my heart -- "I see them walking hand in hand and my eyes just want to linger, On those golden wedding bands wrapped around their fingers"

luckyzmom said...

Trade ya. After more than 33 years, the tender attentive moments are few and far between.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Way to put it out there Jerri!

1) You asked.

2) The Universe says yes. Always.

3)The only thing left is to "allow."

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Jerri, you have captured perfectly the feeling many of us who have been alone for some time, can really feel!!
I remember my eyes filling with tears when my surgeon touched my hand when I was in a particularly painful time and I burst in to tears...we all need to feel touch and particularly from someone who really wants to touch us tenderly, emotionally and physically.
May the universe send you that and more!!

Ask Me Anything said...

Wow. Gorgeous description, straightforward prayer. Perfection.

George said...

Even guys "feel" that. Gives old school men like me a pleasure to practice common courtesy and raise it to an intimate level. Nothing wrong with that.

Amber said...

Keep your eyes up, then. He could be anywhere!

lucky bastard.


kario said...

Watch out, World! Here she comes.

I agree with Amber - what a lucky, lucky man he will be.

Deb Shucka said...

With a request that clear, the only possible answer is abundance.