Saturday, July 12, 2008

Leader of the Pack

The proverbial day and dollar just won't do it. Right now I'm feeling a week late and $256.39 short. Turns out every "good idea" I hatch has already been done to death by smarter, more creative, skinny people with good hair and white teeth.

Out of curiosity (and a bit of wounded ego), I followed a site meter trail and discovered that Google kicks up 1,770,000 hits on the words "reflections on the pond." Wanna know what the very first result is?

That's right, Baby. My little blog. First of 1,770,000. The title may not be as original as I hoped, but it's leading a million-plus pack. Pffft.

Reminds me of the Mac commercial where PC lovers chant, "We're Number 2! We're Number 2!"

Umm. Can I add, I just this moment got that the "number 2" reference is about more than market position. Yes sirree. Feeling real bright over here right now.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I never got that until you just explained it to me, and even then, I had to read it twice, knew I was missing something, but couldn't figure out what.

So, I'll be another dull knife in the drawer with you.

Jenny said...

How fun.

Thanks for the b-day wishes.

Michelle O'Neil said...

Brighter than me my dear, because I still don't get the # 2 reference. What am I missing?

Stacy said...

I am another dull knife because it seems to me you are number 1. You are in my reflections tally anyhow.