Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Plain Trashy

Know what is the good part about telling friends and family that you're working on a book about making usable things from trash?

They save their trash for you.

Know what the bad part is?

ex-ACT-ly!! (patting my nose)

Here's today's haul of things-that-must-find-a-place. (sigh)

(But my sister cleaned out a closet and found some mixer beaters that will be a perfect submarine propeller!)

I'm off to Springfield this morning. My brother's going to shoot photography for the how-tos as I make a lamp out of a gorgeous vodka bottle. (I've got an ice-cream pail full of slushy raspberry vodka cocktails in the freezer. Oh, the sacrifices I make for my art!)


Michelle O'Neil said...

Now you've gone and made me want pizza.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

You're it on a stick!

Deb said...

Submarine propeller???? I think I need some of that vodka slushy to wrap my mind around that one.