Thursday, July 17, 2008

Captured Images

Images from the drive to Springfield:

Near Post Oak, a white-haired woman wearing a blue denim shirt and a red bandana tied around her head like a headband, plucks blackberries from bushes along the fence row. Her right pinkie is extended and she moves her hands with the grace one would expect of a dowager princess selecting jewels from a glass case.

Near Deepwater, an ancient bone-colored Winnebago with a turtle skull wired to its front grille pulls a trailer loaded with tricked out, electric blue Harley Davidsons.

Near Quarles, against a brilliant summer-blue sky, a yellow Caterpillar front-end loader lifts thousand-pound hay bales onto a black trailer pulled by a red Massey Ferguson tractor.

Near Humansville, black Angus, rootbeer-colored Hereford, blonde Charolais, and Brown Swiss cows stand knee deep in an alfalfa field. Every head down to eat, only the torsos are visible and the scene looks like a Far Side cartoon: Maniac Meat Machines Munch Madly.

Everywhere, huge flamingo-pink flowers burst from deep green Mimosa trees, begging to be loved.


Deb said...

The perfect word post card. A summer word quilt of vivid color.

Were all those cows in the same field? Shouldn't it have been near Cowsville? Love the title!

Love you.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Love this, and love Deb's term, "summer word quilt of vivid color," she's right!

Michelle O'Neil said...

: )

Stacy said...

more vivid than the photos