Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pond-a-Palooza and Other Things

Crazy busy here on the pond. Doggie has to get to the groomer before 7:30 and I have get a MO driver's license this morning then do a live radio show this afternoon.

Before I jet off, wanted to work on making manifest our Pond-a-Palooza. Please look at your calendars for possible dates in March/April. Expenses should be negligible. You can all stay here and there will be at least two cars at our disposal (Paula and my Mom's van). We'll do simple meals here at the house for the most part--I do loves me a chance to cook for a crowd. Don't have an '07 calendar yet, but the weekend closest to March 25 is out--I'll be in Mpls for Katie's birthday. Other than that, I'm pretty open. Going to Omaha to read at some big event one weekend in there--will track it down and get the info to you soonest.

Much love to all,


Anonymous said...

Truly, I doubt I can make it anytime in the spring. I have two conferences and a wedding to go to already. Maybe another time.....? I don't want to miss it, but that's life.

Prema said...

Sounds good. Oh yeah, I have a two year old. Hmmm. Must manifest lovely thoughts of daddy staying with River while I go to the pond.