Friday, December 01, 2006

It snowed here in KC last night, a rare and wonderful occurence to be treasured. In MN, where I spent 28 loooooong winters, snow falls in late autumn or early winter and stays until laaaate spring, far outstaying its welcome. Here, snow comes and goes in a matter of days, always leaving me hungry for more. Not months more, mind you. Days or weeks more.

Anyway, we have about 6 inches of snow on the ground and Marvin and the pinduck have company on the pond this morning. A skim of ice is forming at the edges and everything looks perfect, perfectly Christmasy and magical and right.

From the vantage point of my inflatable bed (strategically located between the fireplace and the windows facing the pond) my little doggie and I luxuriated in the coziness of watching a storm while snug and warm and full. (Okay, so she wasn't thrilled with our dinner--vegetarian tacos are not her favorite. Doesn't like the "mystery meat" element of the things. I think they're great.) I had a glass of wine (she's trying to stay off the sauce these days and so lapped water from her bowl) and thought about but did not stir myself to make chocolate cookies.

This is what the pond looked like this morning.

Did I mention how much I love my home?

Oh, and when we got up, we discovered that tiny, silent elves had shoveled the walk and drive while we slept.

Who lives in the absolutely PERFECT place for her? Who?

ME!!!!! Lucky, Lucky me.

May you all be every bit as blessed as I feel this morning.


Michelle O'Neil said...

Sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Prema said...

My favorite. Water. Like your photos. Wow. Tell us more! Any pics of your home? I take a mini-retreat whenever you share this beautiful land. What a blessing. Home.

JessPDX said...

You are very blessed, it sounds (and looks wonderful). I'm so glad you have that, I'd love to come see it someday... Sorry I have been absent at your blog, I do stop by.... Anyway, good to knwo you are having a good morning. Reminds me of the Rumi quote I posted, "Blessings are dropping their flowers all around you..."

holly said...

Such a treat to get a glimpse of sunrise over your pond. I'm with Prema, "My favorite. Water."

Abnd with Jess, I'd love to come see it someday.

Keep sharing. With these blessing you bless all of us too.

Go Mama said...

Gorgeous view.

I was thinking about you today while hearing that the midwest was getting dumped with snow, particularly MO. It certainly is magical, esp early in the season, but I sure don't miss those Minnesota winters!

Enjoy your safe-haven...caught the fireplace-in-the-bedroom reference, hehe.

And congrats again on surviving NaNoWriMo...may it lead to greater things.

Amber said...

It is my dream to live next to a pond or lake. Something about the still water, is so comforting and beautiful to me. Someday...
Lucky you! How wonderful for you! :)


tinker said...

Your home is as beautiful as your pond (and your writing!), Jerri. Beauty outside as well as in.