Friday, December 22, 2006

It Came Upon a Morning Clear

The air is so clear this morning it's as though yesterday's mist never existed, as though it could not exist in a world so sharply defined by morning's emerging light.

Maybe that's how it is with living consciously: the true nature of things is perfectly clear, then obscured by the mists of ego, then clear again for a short time. Maybe the openings and closings of the curtain between me and the understanding I seek is the way of the world rather than my particular failings. Gotta give that some thought as life reveals itself to me here on the pond.

Last night, in my winter solstice tradition, I wrote my worst fear on a piece of paper. At precisely 7:22pm, I stepped out onto my little deck, held a match to the paper and watched it burn. When my fears had become nothing but ashes, I blew those ashes into the air, letting the wind scatter them on my beloved pond.

When I started this tradition years ago, it was much easier to choose my worst fear. Once it was dying alone; I now realize we all die alone. Once it was being old, alone, and poor; in recent years I've come to recognize what poor really means and it's far beyond the version of my old fears. I once feared something happening to my kids; it has come to me that such things could happen and my living in fear will not change their life's path one iota.

After much reflection, the fear I released to the Universe last night was simple and related to the Rumi quote I referenced in a recent post. As the Earth once again turns toward the light, I am renewing my intention to live with an open mind and an open heart. I am reminding myself to recognize the blossoms of blessings falling all around me.

Light and Love to all.


Amber said...

Oh Jerri. This post was MEANT FOR ME today! I have been living with a fear, a deep fear...I have let it get to me.

I am going to do this. I am going to have a little ceremony, and try to let go.

You are sooo bautiful and wise.

love to you...


Michelle O'Neil said...

What a great tradition! Good for you!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

TOTALLY stealing that tradition! Does it work just as well on the 23rd, as the 21st?

You are a light and an inspiration, Jerri. Blessing to you.