Thursday, December 14, 2006

More on Blood Diamond

After speaking highly of the movie, it's only fair to warn you that "Blood Diamond" is filled with intense violence. Filled. Intense.

Normally, I scrupulously avoid violence, even the filmed version. Reviews of the movie and interviews with Leonardo DiC warned me about what I'd encounter, but the subject matter drew me despite fair warning. When the volume increased and the bass thumped faster, I closed my eyes to meditate.

I AM the safe, warm darkness of this theatre.

I AM a consumer whose demand fuels this conflict.

I AM a land being raped for its treasures.


I AM the beauty of the pond.

I AM a murderer.

I AM one of the slaughtered.


I AM the warm glow of Christmas lights.

I AM a child soldier.

I AM the parent of a child slaughtered for baubles.

I AM that.

We ALL are That. Please God, let us feel our interconnectedness and do whatever we personally can to stop this tragedy. Let's educate ourselves on the situation, insist on conflict-free diamonds if we must buy diamonds. Let's tell others what we've learned..

There is a solution to grinding poverty and hopelessness.

We ARE That.


Mystic Wing said...


As the Hindu mystics say, "Thou art That."

Anonymous said...

There is awesome power in the recognition that good and evil both lie within each of us, not somewhere outside. Also awesome responsibility.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

...And what more can be said?
We are all of this.

And we are all also a part of God, and we MUST embrace that fact, and start to understand that we do have the power to change the world.
Because we must.


Anonymous said...

two great posts! i don't care for diamonds, but the story applies to so many other atrocities in which we are complicit with our bank books!

always good to be reminded to shop thoughtfully.