Wednesday, September 13, 2006

X Marks the Spot

Freelance writer extraordinaire and fellow blogger Jenny Rough left this comment on my last post:

...I have to say it's sorta cool that once you decided to step back and ask yourself what you knew to be true your inner compass led you straight to X marks the spot.

It's been 12 years since the events described in the post actually happened, and it was only as I read Jenny's comment that I understood. I have continued to ask myself, journal, make lists, and ask close friends about what one can know for absolute certain. The answer sadly, has continued to be "Nothing."

And while I've come to accept that nothing in this life is certain (well, there is that "death and taxes" thing"), I've railed against that Truth too many times to count or mention. And now, with one simple comment, Jenny has shined a light into my Life.

One issue at a time, when you ask yourself what you know to be true, your inner compass will lead you straight to what you need.

Maybe that can now be the one thing of which I am certain. Cause it sure is true.

Thanks, Jenny.

The second installment of the story is almost ready, but I have to run payroll this morning. Will finish and post this afternoon.

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Jenny Rough said...

One of my favorite columns is in O magazine where Oprah herself writes about what she knows to be true.

Thanks for your comments to my blog too. They're always a boost.