Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wave the White Flag, already!

You all know how weird I am about my excess facial hair.

This morning I was, once again, on the hunt for two stray whiskers I've been picking at for days. With my glasses, in bright light and a 5X magnifying mirror, I could not see them, but I could feel them.

Must. Eradicate.

It took four or five minutes, but I got those suckers. True, I now have a small bloody hole on my chin, but the hairs are gone.

How many times, I wonder, have I turned a harmless nuisance into a bloody hole? We don't need to talk about the time I put the hose of Mom's Electrolux on my chin to suck out a pimple. Or the time I reused wax strips until the skin over my lips was bleeding. (The scabs were lovely in the vacation pics.) Actually, that was no worse than the time the esthetician burned my face with wax the afternoon before my first ever date.

You'd think those hairs would just give up already. Or maybe I'm the one who needs to give it a rest?


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Love the visual of the Electrolux.

Michelle O'Neil said...

HT is blind without his glasses. I like it that way.

Amber said...

"How many times, I wonder, have I turned a harmless nuisance into a bloody hole?"--

ha! This might be the question of my life.


Deb Shucka said...

I love how you can make me laugh about such serious business - and believe me I know how serious those damned hairs are. Relentless little buggers.

Tzeitel said...

Easier said than done, no doubt. I risk loss of life to grab the tweezers and pluck search while driving.

Nancy said...

Have one of those persistent little guys on my left jaw bone...CANNOT see it! Can only feel it. For now, my ten year old daughter handles the tweezers. Don't know what I'll do when she's gone! Very funny post!

kario said...

I, too, am a relentless 'picker.' My eldest daughter loves to remind me that her American Girl Body Book says you should leave those things alone. Yeah, right.