Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Lord, Grant Me Serenity, part 2

Five or six months ago I wrote a post about living in the whirlwind of Evan's demands titled "Lord, Grant Me the Serenity."

Those words are now the search that most frequently brings visitors to my blog. Strangely, my little blog always seems to show up within the top ten out of hundreds of thousands of results for those words.

There are so many, many people searching for serenity. Every day. I wish I had something better to offer than a description of me watching Evan spin.

Let's see if this helps:

Dear Searcher,

Stop searching and let it find you. Serenity lies in surrender and in acceptance.

It lives in nature. It lives in music. It lives in service to others, the appreciation of beauty and gratitude. Boy howdy, it lives there big time.

It lives inside of you, in the still small voice that is God. While we humans are busy searching and fretting, God is whispering, "I am here. Rest in me." We can't hear that voice unless we get quiet and listen.

I know this but do not always remember in times of stress. This reminder is as much for myself as for you, dear searcher.

Take a deep breath and look inside. That's where it lives. Well, there and in the connection between us all. We're all trying to find our way in the dark and we're all called to be lights for one another. I hope this brightens your path, even just a little. I hope it helps to know that, as you search, others are searching, too. And that there is in this world, at least one person who sees your struggle and wishes you peace.

Deep, abiding peace to you.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful post.

mamatulip said...

This is such a beautiful post, Jerri.

It speaks volumes about the kind of person you are.

Nancy said...

Beautiful and wise. Thank you Jerri.

kario said...

I love that you are offering your wisdom directly to those who are choosing to look for peace.

You are definitely soaking up those 'helper chemicals,' aren't you? That's what makes it all worth it in the end. You are an inspiration.

Love you.

paul maurice martin said...

And peace, it seems to me, is foundational to real happiness.

Michelle O'Neil said...

and also with you.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Damn, Michelle! You stole what I was going to say AGAIN!

How's that for peaceful? Let me try again.

Deep, abiding peace to you, Jerri!


Eileen said...

Thank you for this Jerri, thank you.
Many blessings!

P.S. I love the blog you do with your mother. What a beautiful, wonderful treat.

Stacy said...

Thank you, and to you, peace.
Nicely done

Deb said...

What a kind and wise woman you are! What you offer, so shall you receive. Much love to you!

Amber said...

This is why I love you, and have missed you friend. You are a brilliant light.

So beautiful.