Saturday, November 17, 2007


Finished the book not long after midnight last night. I'm thrilled to have my decks cleared for Thanksgiving week because MY GIRL IS COMING HOME! Three more days.

After that, I need a new project. It's been a long, long time since I finished a book without another waiting in the wings, but here I am. No new book contracts in sight, and it's making me nervous.

I'll deal with that on Monday. I've worked 40 of the last 48 hours. It's time to rest. And clean my house. And shave my legs. And tweeze the hairs on my chin. Trust me, that's gonna take some time.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Enjoy the lull! Lulls are under rated!

Deb said...

Enjoy the well-deserved rest. Enjoy smoooooth everything. Enjoy your daughter.

Empty wings could mean fresh air coming your way.

Much love.

Amber said...

Enjoy the down time, and your girl! The rest will show up when it shows up.


Suzy said...

It's time to enjoy life, the one you built from love.

Love you.


kario said...

Methinks you need to take your girl and get pedicures together. Pamper yourselves. Heck, get a manicure, too, and take care of those fingers that just typed that entire book. Sit by the pond and listen to the world around you. I'll bet you're back writing in no time.


riversgrace said...

Happy Thanksgiving, J. Thinking of you.

Amber said...

Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.


Jess said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your daughter. And enjoyed it all in a clean house with smoothly shaven legs. :)

Big love.

kario said...

By the way, you've been tagged. Just in case you were having trouble coming up with something to blog about. ;-).


Amber said...

OXoX :)