Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rise Up for Pluto

Don't tell me Pluto isn't a planet.

Don't tell my son, either. When The Boy was young, I often told him that I loved him "all the way to Pluto and back again."

Making up silly ways to describe how far away Pluto really is was one of our favorite games.

We read encyclopedias and such to learn about this tiny rock so far from the sun.

(Yes, Virginia. My children grew up back when the Earth was still cooling. We didn't have access to the sum total of human knowledge piped into our homes through the internet. We used quaint things known as books. Made from dead trees. Really.)

Now you can go to the Planetary Society for more information.

Yahoo News says the internet is full of "Save Pluto" stuff.

Gonna go order me a t-shirt right now. Pluto or Bust!

How do you think that'll look plastered across my middle-aged bosom?

1 comment:

Mike said...

For the fist 10 years or so of my life I thought the moon was a planet. Then I learned it wasn`t. That didn`t change how I felt about it. I`m not going to feel bad for Pluto.