Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Life at the Edge of the Pond

Life is good here at the water's edge, but it's also bewildering, challenging, and downright scary sometimes. Writing has always helped me make sense of the world, and so today I've become a blogger.

I've spent most of my 52 years on the planet as a writer, a reader, and a woman who thinks too much. These days I'm also a Seeker and student of Yoga.

I have children (two). I've been a wife (twice), and divorced (twice), but I've created a family only once.

My first marriage took place when I was 19 and still believed I might spontaneously combust if I had sex before I had a marriage license. As it turns out, raging hormonal curiosity is a very poor reason to get married.

I'm not sure my reasons for remarrying at 24 were a whole lot better, but that marriage lasted almost 16 years. Whatever else it brought, my second marriage brought my children into my life. And that, without question, is a very Good Thing.

Being single in mid-life is like a multiple-choice quiz where the correct answers change depending on the day. (Sometimes on the time of day.) Among the potential answers are: liberating, comfortable, frightening, adventurous, self-indulgent, tiresome, and exciting.

I could go on and on. No doubt I will, later. For now, it's enough to say, "Welcome to life at the edge of the pond."


Carrie Wilson Link said...

I'm intrigued, and I love the honest tone. Can't wait to read more.

BTW, I LOVE Jen Lancaster. Did you read her book? Hilarious!

Jerri said...

I LOVE Bitter Is the New Black!

In fact, it's the book that put me onto the blogosphere and on my way to finding you and Jennifer.

Mike said...

I`ve only recently started clicking "Next Blog". There`s lots of crap out there but now and then I bump into someone who writes stuff I actually want to read. Cool. I`ll check in again some time.


Ziji Wangmo said...

I found you r blog today from Carrie - I will return - want to hear more.