Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hello Again

It's been so long. I miss writing and reading and thinking as a blogger. I miss my seat at this table of women, the view of your lives and loves, joys and pain. I miss you, and I miss myself as one of you.

Many of you know that I've traded the reflections on the pond for reflections on the ocean -- for at least a while. The sparkles are brighter and the tides roll in and out, but my reflections are pretty much the same. I still find myself diving into Dumpsters after car keys. Still get hopelessly lost on a regular basis. Still work too long and too much.

Differences exist -- some superficial; some real. My hair stylist walks Goldie Hawn to the door and then turns to greet me. Tatum O'Neil and Rob Reiner are seated at nearby tables at lunch. I sit 15 feet from the President of the United States in a meeting and shake his hand afterward.

But...wherever I go, there I am -- no matter who's at the next table. The view changes, but the essence of the story goes on.


luckyzmom said...

OMG!!! I missed you so much. I know of less than a handfull of bloggers who post regularly now,.. And as for myself...well...I miss myself too!

Wherever you went, I hope you are pleased.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Jerri! Can't wait to read about the new sparkles in your life!!

-M in Vancouver (WA)

Jerri said...

Thank you for reading. It means more to me than you can know.

Colleen said...

I'm GLAD you are back & looking forward to your posts.
Happy Day!

Deb Shucka said...

Welcome back, my friend. You have been missed, and apparently, having some grand adventures.

hg said...

it's so good to see you back in this space. there's something to it, no? whatever it is we do on these pages,it feels essential in way i can't begin to name. welcome home!

JAC. said...

I haven't logged onto my blogger account in many, many months. But I'm so glad to see you're back! I loved reading your blog. Can't wait to do a little catch up now!