Friday, October 15, 2010

The Voices in My Head

Home. Safe.

I usually listen to audio books on long drives, but the voices in my head entertained me all the way home. The 14 hours flew so fast I drove past my last turn home--just didn't notice it until too late and had to circle around.

The letters fascinate and thrill me, but the big thing is that they inform my story with telling details. I'd been struggling with one specific transition for about two weeks. When I woke yesterday, the answer hung in the room, so tangible I could have folded it up and packed it along with my toothbrush.

In a letter to one of his girlfriends, Mr. P. gave intricate details of building a trailer and mentioned that he was going to take the trailer to have the seams welded. From that, I know the seams could erode and develop leaks. The condition of the seams of his trailer is something my character can inspect, which gives me the opening of the transition and helps me show that this once prosperous carnival is wearing out and wearing down.

The detail will show up in a mere handful of words: it may not even register with some readers. But it gives me a place to start, details to build a world upon.

More happy. More joy.


kario said...

Those are some of my favorite writer moments - when we fill our heads with juicy tidbits and then let the stillness sort them out and present us with the answers. So pleased for you!

Deb Shucka said...

Magic stalks your life and just waits for you to find it. So glad for you.

Only a writer would be so thrilled with such a minor detail and would know just how important it is.

Carrie Link said...

More happy. More joy. I get it!

luckyzmom said...

I am feeling the thrill you must be experiencing.