Thursday, May 20, 2010

So Much to Say

I am a grandmother.

Strange to say, but this is one of the things I wanted most while struggling with infertility all those years ago. I wanted to be part of the great Circle of Life. I wanted children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren--the whole messy, imperfect, loud, beautiful, loving, crazy lot of it.

My son's arrival was the beginning of a miracle. The moment I took Teagan in my arms, I felt a "click" within me and throughout the Universe, another piece of my miracle snapping into place.

Our lives are not without challenges. I didn't ask for perfection. I only asked for the chance to tangle myself with the lives and loves of a tribe I could call my own.

Yesterday, I unfolded Teagan's blankets to change her diaper for the first time. She caught one of my fingers and wrapped her little fist around it. Blinking away tears, I realized this little soul had joined the band of folks for whom I would unquestioningly give my life.

And so it goes.


mamatulip said...


She is beautiful!

Deb Shucka said...

So very happy for you. May this journey unfold in love and grace and joy. Looking forward to reading your stories as Grandma.

Carrie Wilson Link said...


love. said...

She's 100% lovable. Like her sweet grandmother.

luckyzmom said...

Just checking blogs since getting back from a reunion in DC and am so happy for the joy I know, from personal experience, that you are feeling. May this precious new life forever be blessed with love.

Kim said...

Oh! Congratulations on your wonderful news!

Amber said...

You and she were meant to be.