Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time Flies

Boy, the week has gotten away from me. Katie and I had a good day on Monday and then I flew home on Tuesday. Craig drove me to the airport, once again carrying my bags and handling things like the gentleman his folks raised him to be. Very nice.

Paula came home yesterday, looking better than ever. Her bodywork is pristine, her bumpers sound, and her innerds back inside where they belong. It's good to driver her again, but she has a paint smell that gives me a headache. Hope that doesn't last too long.

Today I'm finally going to put up my Christmas tree. I usually get that done Thanksgiving weekend, but I was sick and just couldn't gather up the energy.  It will be good to sit with the lights on tonight.

Our family had dinner with Liz's folks last night. They're such nice people and so welcoming. It was a lovely evening. Their house is decorated so beautifully, it made me feel like such a slacker. Liz's mom, Kathy, loaned me a book called "Growing Wings." Reading part of it last night reminded me that I've lost the thread of wonder lately. I've been working so many hours and running so hard in other ways, that I've lost track of the magic happening all around me. 

The magic happens with or without my attention, but I'm happier when I take time to see it. I'm going to make a Barbara-style list of resolutions this year (long and very, very hopeful). Tuning into small miracles will be near the top of that list.

And the funny. I've got to find the funny again. And risk. I need to take more emotional and mental risks. 

Gee...2010's already shaping up to be an interesting year. Stay tuned.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Don't forget the funny, for sure. The funny is key.

Amber said...

Will you post your list?

I start my year like this on each birthday, not New Years. I started off good...then lagged. But my new year resolution is to go back to my list.

I'll try to make you laugh more. But if you could see my ass, it would be a lot easier.

;) said...

For the funny, Wanda Sykes on HBO. Her new TV show isn't doing it for me, but that HBO special will make you pee your pants.