Monday, November 16, 2009

Such Sweet Sorrow

The party in celebration of Barbara's life was held last night. The restaurant did a beautiful job--the room was just the right size for the crowd, the food was good, the drinks plentiful.

After an hour or so of general mingling, Barb's husband Duane welcomed everyone and invited people to come to the microphone and talk about what she meant to them. For nearly three hours, one person after another talked about the difference Barb made in her life, how Barb helped him get his book published, how Barb kept her from going crazy over a man. 

Barb's brother John read a poem he wrote for her. Her sister Janet told stories that made everyone roar with laughter. I'd heard Barb tell all the stories Janet recounted, and hearing them in a different voice brought me the closest to tears that I was all night.

Generally, though, it was not a night for crying. It was a night for laughing, for remembering our outrageous, glorious, talented, opinionated, beautiful and beloved friend, sister, teacher, wife. It was a night to be inspired by her courage and her grace. 

We gathered to say fare well, but not good bye. None of us will ever forget Barbara Robinette Moss.

Photo: Barb beside a burro in Sante Fe, NM...showing off MY brand-new boots. 


BONNIE K said...

It sounds very nice. I wish everyone would have a celebration of life ceremony instead of just a funeral.

Mercurious said...

A great event. People always live on so long as any of us remember them.

Deb Shucka said...

That smile says it all. A person radiating such joy and such mischief has surely left much energy behind. I can only imagine how much you miss her. Love.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I didn't even know her -except for her amazing books - and I miss her. I can only imagine what you're going through.


Ann said...

Hey Jerri - it's "Ghandi" - thanks for writing this and letting us relive the night through your lens. Loved what you shared then and here. Blessings to you... said...

Fitting that she loved your boots.


Jess said...

A celebration of her life is definitely the most appropriate thing! She will most certainly not be forgotten. I feel lucky that I got to hang out with her a few times, will not forgot that afternoon in the tea shop in KC with her.

Amber said...

I like a celebration. When someone touches people so much, that is what it should be. Lovely.