Monday, November 02, 2009

Falling on My Face

Fell on my face a lot this weekend.

Friday night it was metaphorical; Saturday morning it was literal.

The dance was capital-S Strange, a mix of incredibly fit people my age and much younger people. The only other woman there without a date is a size-2 Spin instructor who looked great in her midriff-baring genie costume and long blonde wig despite being over 50. Every single guy in the room spent the evening trying to get next to her. Honestly, watching the spectacle helped me recognize the challenges a woman like that faces.

On Saturday morning, I set up for what I thought was Lift class, including two risers beneath my step and my usual set of weights. The class turned out to be something called Strength and Endurance Training that could be used as a form of torture. About half way through the hour, the sweat dripping in my eyes blinded me for a moment. I misjudged the step, twisted my ankle, and fell. Total face plant in front of God and 43 aerobics bunnies. The instructor came running to make sure I hadn't broken anything. I got up and finished the class.

Meh. I never wanted to go back to that class anyway.


mamatulip said...

Precisely the reason why I don't do aerobics classes - I would end up with broken appendages, for sure.

Deb Shucka said...

We have earned the right at our age to stop using torture to change ourselves. Please be kind to my friend. Love.

Mercurious said...


I hope the damage was mostly to the ego.

Go Mama said...

Meh. I hope you never go back to that class again too. You have the most strength and endurance of about anyone I know...except maybe, um, me.


Still holding that mirror up for you to see the greatness of who you really are....lbs and all! Date or no date.

Behold, you!

BONNIE K said...

All I could think when I read this was good for you for finishing!

Amber said...

You got up and finished the class, though! You are a rock star, baby. I would have cried and left, cussing. lol


kario said...

Hate group exercise classes! The only kind I'll go to is yoga when the room is dark and I get a back row spot!

Hope you're okay.