Wednesday, August 05, 2009


I felt rotten yesterday afternoon. Nothing was really wrong, I just felt rotten. It was the first day I've felt anything but great since I started riding regularly, more than six weeks ago. One rotten afternoon and more than 42 good ones: damn good ratio.

Barb and I went riding again last night. It took all her strength to get around the duck pond twice. The second time I had to push her bike up the little hill, but still...she made a valiant effort, and she had fun.

Barb is so very ill, but she keeps getting up every day. She keeps trying in every conceivable way. We got to the picnic shelter, and she rested a bit. Later, I set about taking both bikes to the car, but she wanted to take hers. It was only 20 yards, but she'd been completely tapped out less than 10 minutes earlier. Somehow, she called forth the strength to do one more thing.

The secret to life is knowing when to give in to the rotten and when to dredge up the strength to push the bike to the car. If any of you find the formula to that compound, please write soonest.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Please share when you find it.

kario said...

It certainly helps to have a strong, loving friend around to help push your bike when you're feeling rotten.


George said...

The only secret is the willingness to dredge up strength to take on the ride and to accept -- even ask -- for help up a hill as equal efforts in spirit and force.

George said... the way, Jerri, it's time to see a picture of you and the bike.

Mercurious said...

No formula, unfortunately. Just my own strategy.

When my occasional rotten days come, I try to think of them as the compost that causes things to bloom later. Smelly and not very pleasant to look at, but ultimately a source of nutrients.

BONNIE K said...

Ya need the bad to appreciate the good.

Deb Shucka said...

I'm so sorry for Barb's illness. And so glad the two of you have each other - and your bikes.

Tzeitel (Stacy) said...

I could covet a formula like that on days like today. please let me know if it comes to you soon.