Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Along the Way

Twelve miles this morning, six on a well traveled highway. The trash lining the ditches caught my attention. Twenty-seven Bush Light cans, dotted about every 100 yards, all new looking, all crunched in the same strange way. (The implications of that aren't scary at all.) One box from a 72-inch big screen TV. Two used condoms. Eighteen McDonalds cups. Three banana peels. Dozens and dozens of plastic bags.

Pepsi drinkers seem to have less respect for the environment than Coke drinkers—3 to 1, I'd say. Missourians still drink a LOT of bottled water. Someone in eastern Jackson County is missing one brown sock.

Pink Boots Guy emailed a few weeks ago to invite me to a gathering of friends at his lake cabin next weekend. I politely declined. He wrote again today, offering to send me a plane ticket. I declined again, but tonight, as I crawl into a solitary bed in a silent house, I wonder about the things I've tossed out along the way.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Thought provoking, but I can't delve too deeply because I'm still so grossed out from all that liter. WHO LITERS?

Go Mama said...

As for the final paragraph, no regrets, J, don't look back. Time to (secure) empty trash, reboot, and move on. Great things are unfolding for you....I can feel it.

Deb Shucka said...

There is never room for new if we don't clear out the old. Remember the bucket of dirt?

The good news is that your tossings are not littering the highways for all to see and analyze. :-)

luckyzmom said...

I've been on a diet from all new plastic. No bags, bottles or straws. Also, styrofoam is out and I no longer roll corn on the cob or asparagus in plastic wrap and sap in the microwave. I also keep seeking and discovering more ways to reduce my footprint.