Monday, June 30, 2008

Ideas R Us

I came up with a new book idea this afternoon, another how-to book. I can hardly wait to get this one to the proposal stage. 

Once the general idea took shape in my head, I was off to the races with bits and pieces that could fit. I truly love this part of what I do—letting my imagination run wild with possibilities. Not quite as fond of the narrowing-it-down-to realistic-choices part or the make-all-the-tiny-details-work part, but it's all good.

Today's idea germinated from seeds planted at a summer recreation program when I was six years old. 42 years, but I remember parts of that day so clearly they could be playing on a movie screen directly in front of me. 

Don't you just love how life knits itself together? 

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Michelle O'Neil said...

Can't wait to know what the idea is!