Monday, May 05, 2008

Nine Pounds of Wild Rice

Yesterday's excavations revealed 9 pounds of wild rice in unmarked tins in my pantry.

Wild rice, native to northern Minnesota, is a staple there. Soups. Casseroles. Quiche, even. After 28 years there, I came to love the stuff.

Here in Missouri, it's not so common. In fact, I have to drive 56 miles (roundtrip, to the Kansas side, where the only Whole Foods in the ENTIRE metro area is located) to get wild rice. And then it's priced like Bush-era oil. So, when I'm in Minnesota, I always buy a bag or two. Apparently, many bags disappeared into unmarked tins, unremembered.

I've been craving a favorite wild rice dish—dreamed of it the other night, even—but thought I was out and haven't had the time to make the trek to Whole Foods. I've ranted a bit about the poor quality of the grocery stores here. I've complained about living without Whole Foods or Trader Joe's or any good alternative. I've griped about how little free time I have and how much gas costs.

What I didn't do was thoroughly search the pantry. Funny how we so often have exactly what we're looking for, if only we look in the right place.


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Sing it to me, Sistah!

Jess said...

This makes me want to come over and eat wild rice with you. I'm hungry.

riversgrace said...

Small gifts, just right. Reminds me of the Rumi poem, something about stepping in the poop to find the hidden rose. Not sure how that applies, but I just cracked myself up.

Amber said...

Huh?? They don't just have little bags with the other rice in the store?? Wow. That is so odd. But then. I live in California. lol

I LOVE wild rice. Oh boy. That earthy smell when you cook it is the best. The nutty flavors. Mmmm...

I love to make a dish I used to make when Kory and I were in school, and so poor. Just wild rice and cooked spicey Jimmy Dean sausage all mixed up together. Sometimes I add chopped celery, and black beans. Good stuff.


Michelle O'Neil said... the last line here.

Jenny said...

That's pretty funny. Hope you enjoyed your rice!