Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Just so you know, David Cook is from Blue Springs, MO. Yeah, American Idol's David Cook.

Every business in town (including our salon) has signs in the windows and on the marquees. You can't turn around without bumping into someone wearing a David Cook t-shirt.

Last night I was out and about during the show. There was hardly a soul on the streets, but the parking lots were overflowing at every bar in town. The whole town is supposed to be a party tonight.

I might be the only person in town who hasn't watched this story unfold. But even I wish him luck this evening.


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kario said...

My girls adore him and were thrilled to see him win. He really is pretty cool.

Amber said...

Awww, that is so sweet really. I watched this year because of Wyatt. He is great. They both are really good, and seem like really nice guys, though. I was happy Cook won, because he is older and has been trying longer. The other kid is seventeen, and has time to grow up... And David Cook cried when he won, which was touching. I love seeing people win a dream.