Saturday, June 08, 2013

Three Prayer Morning

In the middle of an enormous project at work and cannot figure out how to turn it off.  Three days this week my day started at 3:30 am and ended about midnight. No one expects this of me, but I cannot turn off the drumbeat in my head. Every minute brings me closer to the deadline, and I can't seem to tolerate letting it pass without progress toward the goal.

For 20 minutes right after I woke up, I twisted in the sheets, trying to decide whether go to the store for project supplies or simply work on one of many projects in progress.  I imagined the outcome of each option, thought X would be a better use of time, considered X and decided that Y was surely more pressing. But after more thought, Y was too complex for a Saturday morning after the week I've had.

Finally went with Z:  an hour at the beach.  Clear my head. Search the sand for heart-shaped rocks. Breathe.

Everything is better after 60 minutes on the sand.

This plays out as Anne Lamott's three great prayers.  Help.  I don't know what to do. Thanks. Yes, the beach is a good idea.  Wow.  Immense. Constant. Power.

Who would ever have thought I'd live where an hour at the beach is a standard Saturday morning option?  Let's give THAT another Wow.  And a heart-felt Thanks.


luckyzmom said...

Yes, breathing is always a great choice.

The Geezers said...

Hmm. I do hope Sunday saw the switch shut off for a short while, anyway, while the circuit wires cooled down a little.

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