Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Longing for Balance

During this long absence, I've been pondering the state of the Universe, among other things. Today I've been thinking about balance, something I've never achieved. I'm not sure I could find balance if it were hanging from my hand like a Scale of Justice.

Enough becomes too much so easily.


I thought I'd outgrown the need for certainty, but guess not. Today I want some hard and fast rules. One damn thing I can know for sure. Just a place to start climbing out of this hole.

Ahhh. One thing IS for sure. This, too, shall pass. The sun will set on this day and rise on another, full of possibilities and wonder. Just hold on.


Eileen said...

Glad to see you posting. Sorry to hear that you have been feeling down. Pondering and being reflecting can be a good thing, but not so good when you are so hard on yourself. Finding balance in an unbalanced world is a constant journey. One you are never on alone.
Your wonderful, loving spirit always shines bright and will pull you through. Take care!!

Deb said...

Another thing you can know for sure - you are loved without reservation. Reach out for it whenever you can. Until then know that you are being held in my heart and in the circle of us who hold you in love until you can see light again.

riversgrace said...

Blessings tonight, J. Hope you're sleeping peacefully.

Nancy said...

I think you should be more gentle with yourself. None of us acquire real balance. I see life more like straddling a sea saw, the goal being to rock back and forth just enough to stay near the middle. How stagnant it would be to have total balance.

kario said...

Often when I am in those moods I find it helps to surround myself with people going about their daily lives. Something about watching others interact with each other and coexist, even if all they are doing is grocery shopping, makes everything seem so much lighter.

This is a rough time of year, my dear, and I can only hope that you are feeling the love from this side of the country. There's a whole lot of it coming your way.

Go Mama said...

So happy to see you back. You have been on my mind quite frequently, as have your Not That Kind of Girl series. I miss the girls! I miss you!

The funny thing about balance is we never really notice it until we are way off. Yet we spend our entire lives trying to achieve it.

Frankly, I'm not sure one is ever completely balanced. Seems like it's more of a dance between being ok with (surrendering to) the here and now while simultaneously striving towards growth.

One thing you can know for sure: you are deeply loved. Come from this place and all will be right.

You are Love, Jerri. Know that.

Amber said...

I would imagine there are MANY things you know for sure. You have just forgotten what you already know. Because this is human. You are very beautifully human.

Also you can know this... You are deeply cared for out here. ;)


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Key-rist! Where's my comment? One thing I know for sure is I commented!